The Epic Games Store (EGS) has proven to be a controversial fixture in the PC gaming market. It's been criticized for the many timed exclusive deals its leadership team has snagged, as well as its lack of features when compared to other platforms (such as Steam or GOG 2.0).

While Epic has no intention of backing down on the exclusivity front, the Store has been improved where features are concerned -- albeit at a painfully slow rate, in the eyes of many vocal players. So far, the store has gotten a Search feature, an improved game Library view, and bundle purchasing options (no shopping cart yet, though).

Soon, the EGS will get even better, according to a news post published by Epic today. In the post, the company describes and shows off the EGS' upcoming storefront overhaul, which will include curated collections, better game sorting, and improved overall navigation. You'll soon be able to sort games by release status (Early Access, new, upcoming, etc.), genre, price, supported Operating System, and player count.

Another notable feature set to arrive on the EGS in the future will be an in-game overlay, similar to what GOG, Uplay, and Steam offer. Presumably, the overlay will be accessed via a combo key of some sort (such as Shift+Tab), and will allow you to chat with your friends or browse the web -- that's just speculation, though. Even Epic doesn't seem too sure about how it will work for the time being.

We don't know when the EGS' new storefront or overlay will roll out, but we'll keep you updated if an official release date is announced.