In June, we reported on Destiny 2 developer Bungie's decision to split off from publisher Activision, taking their flagship franchise with them. This decision was reportedly made after the studio grew tired of Activision and its tendency to exert control over the projects it helps fund.

As you might expect, this parting-of-the-ways led to quite a bit of other Destiny 2-related news, including Bungie's announcement that the game would be going free-to-play. Further, due to the nature of the split, it was revealed that Destiny 2 would no longer be sold on Blizzard's (or, nowadays, Activision's) storefront; instead, Bungie planned to distribute their content via Steam.

This week, that migration finally began to take effect. Destiny 2 has now disappeared from the launcher, and officially launched on Steam. The game is now available at no cost and free account migration services have been made available to existing players.

Alongside the game's free-to-play Steam launch, Destiny 2's latest expansion will be arriving on the digital distribution platform for $34.99. While the expansion is not strictly necessary to enjoy your time in the game, it will bring quite a bit of new content, including new Exotic gear, new story missions, as well as a new planet, dungeon, and raid.

If Digital Deluxe editions are more your speed, Shadowkeep has one of those, too. It'll run you $59.99, including the game's latest season pass and some expansion-themed items.