In context: The original Vantage featured four removable and programmable back paddles, two "sax" buttons on the sides, swappable joysticks and faceplates, and an extra touch bar at the base for controlling audio. Although it looked bulky, it was quite comfortable to hold.

Last year, third-party peripheral maker Scuf introduced its Vantage controller for the PlayStation 4. Today the company unveiled a follow-up, appropriately called Vantage 2, which improves on an already great design.

The new Vantage 2 took everything good about the original and bumped it up a notch. Scuf redesigned the grip to have a textured "non-slip" surface. The trigger buttons are now more sensitive with adjustable trigger stops, and all the buttons also have better haptics.

A new addition is a swappable D-pad. Now you can use the four-directional cross-style pad as before, or you can switch to a disc pad similar to the one on the Microsoft Elite Wireless.

Another new feature is removable rumble packs. One or both of the vibration modules can be removed from the grips to reduce weight and eliminate the shake. Scuf says this will reduce hand fatigue and increase precision.

Although it is officially licensed through Sony, the controller is compatible with Windows PCs. In fact, with Scuf's free configuration app, you can easily customize and store multiple profiles for your different games. Don't worry though --- it has on-the-fly remapping when used on the PS4.

Unfortunately, the Vantage 2 is still pretty expensive for a game controller. Like the original at launch, the wired version is $170. For wireless control, you'll have to shell out $200. These prices are only for the base (black) models. Custom colors and extra buttons bump up the expense. Scuf is clearly shooting fo rat pro and enthusiast markets.

It also has a Modern Warfare branded special edition that goes for $220. It comes with a sniper scope key chain and a code for a DLC sniper scope in Cod: MW.

On the plus side, Scuf has dropped the price of the original wireless Vantage. That controller now starts at $150 instead of $200.

Pre-orders started today with units set to ship later this month. You can order pre-configured designs or custom build one of your own. Perhaps