I've just finished a quick and dirty read on the 4A300J0 the new HDD from Maxtor.

Its not a speed king, the 300 GB is the only really exciting figure from its spec...

"With the 4A300J0, Maxtor is traveling a different route: its aim is to provide as much storage capacity as possible at an acceptable price. The recipe it has chosen consists of 5,400 rpm instead of the favored - because it's quicker - 7,200 rpm and only 2 MB in place of the 8 MB cache usual in top models. Since SATA still costs more, it uses an UltraATA/133 interface. This is ample for the coming months, as transfer rates on the fastest ATA disks are still below 70 MB/s max. "

...but I mean, come on - 300 GB! Give me 4 of these babies connected to my trusty Promise RAID controller card, and I get my first 1 Terabyte plus NTFS partition!

A taste of things to come here.