The big picture: Just as Google was busy unveiling its new line of mobile devices that include a pair of wireless earbuds, Beats announced the latest version of its on-ear headphones with several improvements and a new "Pro" branding. The new headset features noise cancellation and the same H1 chip that's inside Apple's AirPods.

The Apple-owned company has announced the official follow up to the Solo 3 headset. The Beats Solo Pro is the first set of on-ear wireless headphones that come with noise cancellation and use the "Pro" branding found in Apple's latest iPhone 11 Pro and Powerbeats Pro.

For those of you who love your second-gen AirPods, it's worth noting the same H1 chip is also present in the Solo Pro. That means you'll be able to enjoy the same easy pairing with Apple devices, the audio sharing feature in iOS 13, as well as bring up Siri for voice commands. After the initial pairing, the headphones turn on and connect automatically when unfolded.

The Solo Pro uses a form of adaptive noise cancellation called "Pure Active Noise Cancelling" in conjunction with a redesigned on-ear cup to achieve its magic. It also has a "Transparency" feature that allows you to blend in outside noise with your audio for those situations where you need to talk with someone or be more aware of your surroundings.

Beats claims you can get up to 22 hours of listening on the Solo Pro before you need to charge it, or up to 40 hours if you turn off noise cancelling. You have to use a Lightning cable to charge the headset, and the company says you can get up to three hours of playback (six hours if you don't use active noise cancelling) with a ten minute charge.

The new headphones are available for pre-order in the US and will start shipping on October 30. They cost $300 and come in six colors including black, ivory, gray, light blue, red, and dark blue.