In brief: The holiday season is drawing closer, and along with the usual tradition of turkey, presents, and spending time with relatives you can’t stand, the Steam sale dates have just leaked.

The information comes via a tweet from SteamDB, which revealed the Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sale start and finish dates. It writes that “multiple developers posted it [the dates] in multiple places despite Valve asking otherwise."

Assuming the information is correct, the Halloween sale will arrive first. It begins on Monday, October 28—a week today—and lasts five days, ending on Friday, November 1.

Soon after comes the Autumn sale. It starts on November 26 and runs a full seven days, up until December 3.

Finally, there’s Steam’s biggest event of the year: The Winter sale. Running two weeks from December 19 to January 2, it’s Valve’s way of capitalizing on all the Steam digital gift cards and money people receive over the holidays.

With three big sales taking place across just over two months, the question becomes: which one should I spend my money on? With the Winter sale lasting longer and doubtlessly offering more games and deeper discounts, that would seem like the obvious choice, but you could always take advantage of the Halloween and Autumn sales to grab something sooner.

We’re also likely to see other events attached to the sales, including the annual Steam Awards, which people usually vote for at the start of the Autumn sale. There might also be a minigame related to the Winter sale, though it hopefully won’t be as confusing as the Summer sale’s Grand Prix theme.

In an age where there as so many excellent PC games available, Steam sales are a great opportunity to grab some top titles at a reduced price. If only we had more time to play them all.