Recap: Rockstar in late 2013 launched what would become one of the most important games of the modern era. Rockstar followed its familiar open-world formula with Grand Theft Auto V but cranked it to 11. Gamers and critics alike ate it up.

We're now more than six years in, however, and fans are getting a bit antsy for something new. Rumors of a sequel have persisted for years but Rockstar hasn't had anything solid to say on the matter so a group of dedicated fans are doing the next logical thing - vowing to drive around in GTA V until the launch of GTA VI.

The stream, started on October 5, estimates that it'll take at least 365 days - another year - for Rockstar to even announce the next game in the series. According to the YouTube channel bot, they've made 912 laps around the map thus far. That's a lot of driving.

It's unclear if actual humans are doing the driving or if this is all being run by bots. Either way, the team is accepting donations to help keep the stream going. Interested parties can follow the links in the YouTube description to support the crew.

The last we heard about GTA VI was that it'll be for next-gen consoles only and may not launch until 2021 or sometime in 2022. Sources also add that it'll be set in the 70s and 80s with a heavy influence from the Netflix series Narcos.

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