Facepalm: Google has just pushed a firmware update to its Home smart speaker that has broken many of the devices. Complaints began rolling into the Home Support forum shortly after the latest patch went live. Others have been reporting similar issues since January.

Some users stated they fixed the non-functional device by unplugging the power for a few minutes or by performing a factory reset, but this has not worked in all cases.

The problem seems to be isolated to Google Home and Home Mini units. Home Max, Home Hub devices, and Nest speakers appear to be immune to the problem. The four LEDs on affected units will stay lit solid white, but the speakers remain unresponsive.

Google confirmed it is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. However, engineers are having a hard time figuring out what is causing the glitch, and there was no indication of how long it would take to issue a patch.

Engadget notes that in the meantime, Google is offering to replace affected units, even if they are past their warranty expiration. It seems a fitting solution since it was Google's patch that wrecked the devices in the first place.

After fumbling the ball on Stadia pre-orders, having serious issues with another one of its products on the same day looks pretty bad for the company's brand.