Luxury carmaker Lexus wants to get into the electric vehicle game, according to its latest announcement. At the Tokyo Motor Show today, Lexus unveiled its first-ever EV concept as part of its "Lexus Electrified" vision, which will eventually encompass an entire generation of EVs.

The concept car in question is the Lexus LF-30, and it's a futuristic vehicle indeed. Its design is almost alien, with a mixture of hard edges and both convex and concave curves. The interior's design is just as outlandish, with a steering wheel that more closely resembles something you'd see in a space ship than a car.

Lexus says the opacity of the LF-30's side windows can be "freely adjusted," and made to be either dark -- for privacy at night or in "other situations" (whatever that means) -- or clear, depending on your preferences. The LF-30 will also feature seats that use "artificial muscle technology" to mold to their occupants, providing greater comfort. When the vehicle needs to regain some of its juice, it will be able to charge wirelessly (somehow).

If those features aren't enough, the LF-30 concept contains support for fully-autonomous driving, as well as built-in drones. These drones, called "Lexus Airporter[s]," are capable of tasks such as transporting baggage or groceries from the LF-30's trunk to your doorstep (and vice versa).

As exciting as all of this sounds, it's not likely that the LF-30 will ever be a real vehicle, at least not anytime soon. Instead, this unveiling is merely intended to give us a glimpse into Lexus' vision for the future of EVs, which could come to fruition by 2030.