Bright ideas: We all love shortcuts, even if they only save us a few seconds or make a task just a little bit easier. Seemingly with this in mind, Google has created a way to quickly create a calendar event in any of your accounts.

Scheduling a new event in your Google Calendar is not that hard, but it does involve a few steps before you can get to adding the information for it.

First, you have to log in to the relevant account, then find and click on the day you want. You can use the quick menu that pops up, but it requires more clicking if you have many details to enter. To get to the main scheduling form, you have to click "More options."

Instead of going through all that, just type "" in your address bar. You can also use "" Doing this will automatically bring up the full scheduling window where you can enter all your details — title, duration, notes, and so forth.

It's pretty handy. What makes it even more useful is that if you have multiple Google accounts, you can create a calendar event for any of them without switching profiles. All you have to do is modify the shortcut with the number of the account you want. For example, typing " schedules for the first logged-in account, ""for the second, and the so on.

These shortcuts are actually Google owned domains, so they work in whatever browser you prefer to use and not just Chrome.

Engadget notes that Google added the .new tag to its G Suite apps last year. So typing ","," or "" starts a new word processor file. Likewise, using "sheet," "sheets," or "spreadsheet" before the .new pulls up a blank worksheet and "deck" or "presentation" prefixes signal a new slideshow file to appear.

These shortcuts slipped by my radar since I rarely use G Suite. However, I frequently use the calendar, so this is a neat little trick I will definitely be using.

Image credit: iJeab via Shutterstock