In brief: Despite several setbacks, electric carmaker Tesla continues to forge ahead. It's set to unveil its latest vehicle (a "cyberpunk" electric pickup truck) later this month, and now, reports claim the company's next "Gigafactory" is on the way. The factory will produce "batteries, powertrains & vehicles," starting with the upcoming Model Y crossover.

For the unaware, Tesla's Gigafactories are just what they sound like: massive factories with thousands of workers, which all aim to collectively pump out as many vehicles and batteries as humanly possible.

When the factories themselves aren't enough, Tesla has been known to set up (somewhat controversial) outdoor production "tents" to boost its vehicle output.

The Berlin-based Gigafactory is expected to begin vehicle production in 2021, and it will be the fourth factory of its type. Tesla's first Gigafactory was built in Reno, Nevada back in 2015 (see it below), and "limited" production began in 2016. The second Gigafactory was constructed in New York, and the third is currently still being developed over in China.

Assuming both the China-based Gigafactory and its Berlin equivalent finish construction over the next couple of years, Tesla's overseas influence could expand considerably. For the company, that influence could lead directly to some much-needed extra profits; provided it can adapt to the unique conditions and needs of China and Berlin's workforces.

We don't know precisely where in Berlin Tesla's upcoming Gigafactory will find itself in 2021, but company CEO Elon Musk said it could be built near the "new Berlin airport" – quite the scenic area, though we doubt Tesla chose the location based on aesthetics alone.

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