Why it matters: Twitter and Square boss Jack Dorsey has never been your typical CEO, living what some would describe as an eccentric lifestyle. Following that pattern, he's announced his intention to move to Africa for between three to six months next year.

Dorsey had earlier said he would be making a month-long tour of the continent this November, meeting with entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

It seems Africa made a big impression on the executive. "Sad to be leaving the continent for now. Africa will define the future (especially the bitcoin one!). Not sure where yet, but I'll be living here for 3-6 months mid-2020. Grateful I was able to experience a small part," he tweeted.

The trip wasn't all about business for Dorsey. He tweeted that he'd finished his third 10-day vipassana meditation in South Africa last week---for his birthday last year, the CEO had the same experience in Myanmar.

"Finished my 3rd Vipassana 10 day at Dhamma Pataka in South Africa. Continues to be the toughest and best thing I do for myself. Grateful for all those who enable me to make time for it. And thank you to Pataka for being so incredible," he tweeted.

As noted by Business Insider, former Alibaba chairman Jack Ma---who, like Dorsey, is known for his eccentricities---was also in Ethiopia this week. The country's government released a press statement revealing it would be working with Alibaba to establish the eWTP (electronic world trade platform hub).

It's unclear how living in Africa for up to half a year would affect Dorsey's CEO duties.

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