A hot potato: Psyonix in its latest update for the popular soccer-with-cars game Rocket League has done away with the title’s loot box-like Crates, replacing them with Blueprints that can build items in exchange for credits. The decision isn't being universally accepted, however, as many are upset with the new pricing structure.

Players will notice that any crates that remained in their inventory have now been converted into Blueprints. Similarly, Keys have been converted into credits based on the following conversion chart:

Total Keys in inventory = Credits per Key

  • 1-9 Keys = 100 Credits
  • 10-19 Keys = 110 Credits
  • 20-49 Keys = 120 Credits
  • 50 or more Keys = 130 Credits

All Decryptors have been transformed into Bonus Gifts that are free to open.

Psyonix first revealed plans to remove loot boxes over the summer but they aren’t the first to do so. In 2017, EA dialed back some of the pay-to-win elements in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Monolith a year later eliminated all microtransactions from Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

As GameSpot highlights, not everyone is happy with the changes. The publication points to a thread on Reddit that has garnered nearly 2,000 comments. Most seem outraged over the new pricing structure; should the debate gain additional momentum, Epic (who bought Psyonix earlier this year) may have to address the matter once again.