In brief: Most PC gamers have heard of Corsair. The company is well-known in the PC peripheral market, and they make plenty of high-quality gaming mice, keyboards, and even headsets. However, Corsair isn't content with traditional peripherals alone: it now wants to expand into the gamepad market as well.

In a press release published today, Corsair announced its acquisition of Scuf Gaming, a high-performance controller "pioneer" with an "extensive patent portfolio." The acquisition is expected to be finalized by the end of December.

The main selling point of Scuf's controllers is their modular design. Scuf controllers feature customizable thumbsticks, triggers, interchangeable d-pads and faceplates, and a patented "paddle control system."

All of these features let gamers pick the controller setup that's right for them – if you enjoy playing on PS4 but prefer the shape of the Xbox One's gamepad, Scuf has you covered. If you want a slightly different thumbstick for better control, you can buy them separately for right around $10.

With this in mind, it's no surprise to see Corsair take an interest: the peripheral maker has always targeted enthusiast gamers with its products, and a fully-customizable controller line-up can only help them in that market segment.

Scuf products will retain their existing branding after the Corsair merger, and their current base of operations will remain in Atlanta, Georgia. It's unclear whether or not Scuf products will be available for purchase from Corsair's website, but we've reached out to the latter company for clarification.