Through the looking glass: Mobile is literally impacting every single facet of modern life and surprisingly, much of it goes unnoticed by the average consumer. For example, most are familiar with mobile’s influence on things like dating and media consumption, but did you know it is also changing how restaurants do business?

Orders placed via apps, online and through third-party delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash are having a huge impact on the food industry – just ask Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The fast casual restaurant chain on Thursday said its digital business has grown to $1 billion. As a result, they are preparing to trial four different restaurant designs in an effort to increase convenience for customers and delivery drivers alike.

Features such as walk-up windows and other pick-up portals will be integrated in new builds in Chicago, Cincinnati and Phoenix. Retrofits in Newport Beach and San Diego will also provide the chain with valuable customer feedback that’ll be used to decide which design to go with nationally.

Chipotle has been at the forefront of tech innovations for a while now. The company teamed up with Google a few years back to deliver burritos via aerial drones and has long since offered mobile ordering.