Why it matters: Epic knows it's hard to say no to free stuff and that's why it has been giving away a free game daily for nearly two weeks now, alongside heavy discounts for the Holidays Sale. The company's '12 Days of free games' promotion - now in its 14th day - is finally coming to an end with not one, but three free games: THQ's Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition and Ubisoft's extreme winter sports game, Steep.

The Epic Store continues to tempt and add more players to its platform with eyebrow-raising discounts and giveaways. The company's Holidays Sale became a decent alternative to Steam's annual Winter Sale, and the daily freebies over the past few weeks have only sweetened the deal even further.

While previous giveaways lasted for 24 hours, Epic is ending the promotion with a trio of games, all of which can be claimed until next Thursday. These include two remastered titles from the Darksiders series and an open-world snowboarding sports game from Ubisoft.

The Darksiders games are both special editions of the base titles, sporting enhanced graphics and textures, with the sequel packing in all DLC for over 30 hours of additional content.

The game's latest installment, Darksiders Genesis, a spin-off to Darksiders III, was praised for its combat and visuals. With Epic's giveaway of two prior releases of the game, it now looks like a great time to experience the entire franchise, even if playing all the parts in order isn't necessary for connecting the dots of the hack and slash action game.

Epic's third freebie is Steep, an extreme winter sports game from Ubisoft where players ski, paraglide, snowboard and fly in wingsuits across the Alps.

Steep's DLC includes the X-Games Pass, additional modes, and regions from Alaska, Japan, and Korea, though this current giveaway only includes the game's base version.

The free games can be claimed in-browser by going to the Epic Store website or by downloading the desktop launcher.