Something to look forward to: With CES almost here, we can expect to see a slew of cool, innovate new products on display from various tech firms. One of these will be LG, which is showing off a new version of its rollable TV. Instead of rolling upwards out of a box, it now rolls down from the ceiling, much like a projector screen.

LG had its LG Signature OLED TV R on display at CES for the second time last year. The 65-inch 4K TV has numerous slats that let it roll around an internal cylinder, allowing it to be hidden away in its base when not in use.

With the latest iteration, LG's TV will take up even less space by rolling down from above. According to the company's press release, it "is stored in the ceiling and can be pulled down when desired and rolled up when not in use." LG never provided any images of this, sadly.

The first model was designed to be roll-up only, with no way to change the picture's orientation, so hanging it from the ceiling would have meant an upside-down image.

It seems LG has now figured out a way to solve the problem, though there's still no word on a potential release date or price. The company had said the previous version would go on sale in 2019, but it never arrived.

In addition to the downward-rolling TV, LG will have several others display on show at CES, including a 48-inch consumer OLED alongside its 55, 65 ,77, and 88-inch models. There will also be three screens designed for planes and cars: a 55-inch Full HD transparent OLED that doubles as an aisle partition, a bendable 65-inch UHD OLED for first-class passengers, and plastic OLEDs made for vehicles.