In brief: Most of the magic at CES happens on the big stage during press conferences and in timed media releases but occasionally, you'll stumble across an unannounced gem sitting out in the open, waiting to be discovered. Such was the case at Samsung's booth with the 980 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD.

The flagship solid state drive hasn't been officially announced in a press release yet was on display on the show floor alongside other consumer drives from the South Korean tech giant. AnandTech spied the PCIe 4.0 drive and noted that its specs sheet only listed sequential performance numbers: 6,500 MB/s reads and 5,000 MB/s writes.

Capacities will range from 250GB to 1TB, suggesting Samsung is using 2-bit MLC rather than 3-bit TLC NAND. Unfortunately, there was nobody at the booth that could discuss the drive in detail with the publication so for now, we have no solid intel on what controller or what type of NAND flash it is using.

Samsung did later confirm that more information on the mysterious drive would be dished up in the second quarter. For now, however, pricing, availability and detailed technical specifications remain elusive.

Lead image courtesy AnandTech