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Samsung's new QLC Flash could bring 16TB SSDs to market

Reclaiming the storage-density crown once more
Forward-looking: Multi-level memory cells (MLC) can store more than a single bit of digital information at the same time, and MLC chips are the cornerstone of modern solid-state drives. Samsung is about to introduce a new generation of SSDs based on quad-level memory cells (QLC), providing unprecedented areal density for storage applications.
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It's possible to overclock SSDs, but you probably shouldn't

In a nutshell: Squeezing every bit of performance out of a PC – whether for sport or from a value position – is what overclocking is all about. Ramping up clock speeds, increasing voltage settings, and tightening memory timings are all common ways to make CPUs, GPUs, and memory run faster, but did you know it's technically possible to apply some of these same techniques to solid-state drives?