Recap: Microsoft pledged to overhaul the Windows Command prompt last year with a more modernized command line interface. The resulting effort culminated with a new command line app for Windows 10, known as Windows Terminal.

The new Windows Terminal has been receiving steady improvements and features ever since, with Microsoft adding features such as panes for multiple terminal windows in the same tab, custom tab titles, improved accessibility features and more. With the newest update, Microsoft will add retro-style CRT effects, among other new functions.

If your computing days happen to predate the advent of LCD and LED monitor technology, then that dithered blue and those horizontal scan lines will immediately be recognizable to you. The old school effect is even replete with the PxPlus IBM VGA8 font set.

In addition to the nostalgia, Microsoft is also adding more practical features to Windows Terminal. Those include the ability to search through terminal tabs, as well as adding tab resizing. Then there's enhanced panes and custom key bindings, in addition to custom default settings.

The current build with these features is limited to Microsoft employees, but the release of Windows Terminal version 0.8 is due January 14.