The big picture: Leica has even gone so far as to remove its iconic red dot logo from the front of the camera and color-filled engravings for a very minimalist look. The design element further enhances the black and white character of the camera, we're told.

German camera manufacturer Leica on Friday introduced the M10 Monochrom, a camera for niche photographers only interested in shooting in black and white.

Leica's third generation Monochrom, the M10 features a newly developed 40-megapixel sensor. The company's earlier offerings in the line, original M Monochrom and the M Monochrom (Typ 246), utilized modified versions of the color image sensors from other M products but this one was purpose built for this specific camera.

Elsewhere, you'll find a wide ISO range of 160 to 100,000, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and all of the trappings of a production M10-P. Leica said it features the quietest shutter release of any M-series camera ever built, making it ideal for street photography.

Notably, there aren't any video recording capabilities. This is strictly a photo-only camera.

The Leica M10 Monochrom is compatible with all lenses in the Leica M portfolio. Look for it to arrive by the end of the month priced at $8,295 for the body.

Those interested in setting up a pre-order can do so from today over at B&H Photo.