My quick two cents: I happen to be a big fan of The Witcher games. I also enjoyed the first season of the live-action series and thought Netflix did a good job with it. Now that an anime has been confirmed, I'm beginning to get nervous that the franchise will get run into the ground.

On Wednesday, Netflix tweeted that it has a new anime film in the works based on The Witcher franchise. The announcement was short on details, only saying that it is being produced by Korean anime house Studio Mir and would feature "a new threat facing the Continent."

Rumors of the spinoff called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, surfaced in the fanzine Renadian Intelligence even before Netflix's live-action series debuted last December. A Writers Guild of America posting back in October listed a screenplay written by Beau DeMayo based on The Witcher novels. DeMayo had written one episode in Season 1 of The Witcher and is slated for a few more in Season 2, but the WGA post listed this screenplay as a film indicating it was not related to the series.

Part of Netflix's The Witcher team will be involved in producing the anime, including DeMayo and showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. Studio Mir, maker of award-winning anime series The Legend of Korra, will head up the animation work.

The film's arrival is not all that shocking despite having been leaked. The Witcher gained 76 million viewers in the first four weeks of its debut, leading to a spike in interest that has spanned multiple media. With such success and continued demand, some type of spinoff on the brand was practically inevitable.

Netflix does not yet have a release date to announce for Nightmare of the Wolf. It would be nice if the film aired sometime this year to tide fans over until the second season of the series arrives in 2021. However, don't get your hopes up. Having posted the screenplay only three months ago, it is not likely the film will be finished by year's end.

Masthead credit: The Witcher by bikkimeel