Bottom line: While slightly dimmer than the actual screen, it is said to be less distracting than the seams created when two bezels are next to each other. Best yet, they are completely passive, meaning you won’t need to run any unsightly wires or consume any extra electricity to use them.

Asus at CES 2018 showcased a unique monitor accessory that manipulated light to help eliminate ugly bezels when utilizing a multi-monitor setup. Now more than two years later, the add-on is available to purchase.

The Asus ROG Bezel-Free Kit is compatible with flat monitors under 27 inches that utilize a four-sided frameless or slim-bezel design (13mm or smaller). The kit features lenses made of transparent thermoplastic that is more durable than glass, letting 90 percent of the light from the monitors shine through.

Asus said you may need to adjust the position of your monitors to achieve the best visual performance (they are designed to work at a 130 degree angle). What’s more, the company said the accessory is designed specifically for gaming and is not recommended for general computing tasks like surfing the web or working with spreadsheets.

The Asus ROG Bezel-Free Kit is available from writing over on Amazon priced at $109 for a set of two. It may be best to wait for third-party reviews, however, as early Amazon reviews don't look all that promising.