In context: Google is currently facing down numerous antitrust investigations from federal regulators and a coalition of 48 state attorneys general. However, these separate investigations might soon combine into one giant, legal threat against Google, if upcoming talks between the DOJ and the coalition in question pan out.

For a bit of context, the investigations in question weren't started over any single potential infraction; they're a bit more general in nature. The DOJ's investigation, which was launched in July of 2019, is looking into the possibility that digital platforms (Google included) are not acting in ways that are "responsive to consumer demands" due to their lack of meaningful competition.

Later, in September, the massive state attorneys general investigation began over similar concerns. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the attorneys general and the DOJ are set to meet later this week to discuss the possibility of combining their efforts, or at least sharing knowledge and resources.

Google's legal team is well-paid and formidable, so such a partnership just might prove necessary if these investigations are to have any chance of success.

Some of the topics expected to be discussed during the meeting include Google's "dominant position" in the search industry, as well as its "possible" anticompetitive behavior concerning the popular Android mobile operating system.

While it's unclear whether or not the two sides will indeed team up against Google, we will be following the situation closely moving forward, and we'll update you if any new information comes to light.