Why it matters: The fabled Nintendo PlayStation is arguably one of the most significant artifacts in video game history and soon, it'll come under new ownership. And to think, it had been sitting in an attic for years before being "discovered."

The owner of the ultra rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype has made good on a promise put forth last year, finally putting the mythical machine up for auction.

Heritage Auctions is now accepting bids on the console - Lot #93060 - and will do so for the next 21 days. As of writing, the leading bid is $48,000. Owner Terry Diebold said in December that he had previously turned down a private offer of $1.2 million for the system. Clearly, he anticipates it could fetch more than that on the open market.

You are probably wondering who would pay that kind of money for a game console. It's a fair question, but you also have to realize the rarity of this system. It is the only example in the world known to exist from a limited batch of 200 that were allegedly created as part of a failed joint venture between Nintendo and Sony dating back to the late 80s.

It is believed that all of the other prototypes were destroyed yet somehow, this one survived. Those interested in learning more about the history of the Nintendo PlayStation are encouraged to check out this feature from 2015.

Interested parties can register with Heritage Auctions and place a bid through early March. Any bets on how much the console ultimately fetches?

All images courtesy Heritage Auctions