In context: There have been a countless number of games that have been labeled "vaporware." Vaporware is any software that has been announced but never released. The first software to receive this moniker was Microsoft's ill-fated Xenix Unix OS.

A working copy (sort of) of famed vaporware StarCraft: Ghost has reportedly leaked online. Screenshots of the title first appeared Sunday morning posted on Twitter by Museum of Play Curator Andrew Borman.

Shortly after that, several videos of the game in action began showing up on YouTube. Many of the gameplay captures have been taken down, presumably because of copyright violations. However, the flood of Ghost footage seems endless.

Kotaku notes that the incomplete game was leaked with an Xbox SDK then posted online. Several people have downloaded it and have got it to work on modded Xbox 360s.

Blizzard initially announced Starcraft: Ghost in 2003. It was supposed to be a third-person shooter based in the Starcraft universe slated for an Xbox release later that year. Blizzard was so confident about its debut that it hosted a one-hour gameplay screening at the Mayfair Curzon theater.

However, the development of World of Warcraft took priority and pushed the game back several years. Eventually, the looming arrival of next-gen consoles forced Blizzard to abandon the title.

There is no telling how long the above video will remain up. If it is broken as you read this, just search for StarCraft: Ghost on YouTube, and you should find many other examples.