Something to look forward to: Now that Samsung has revealed the Galaxy S20 series and the Z Flip, attention is turning to the company's next big smartphone release: the Galaxy Note. As with the latest S-series, it's called the Note 20, rather than the Note 11, and an uncovered patent could reveal some interesting features.

The patent, spotted by PatentlyMobile, was recently granted to Samsung by the US Patent and Trademark Office. It shows a display that bends more than 100 degrees around the edge of the phone.

While such an extreme curve would normally get in the way of the side buttons, the patent shows them protruding through the bent side of the screen. The idea is similar to how Samsung uses cut-outs in its displays for front-facing cameras.

Samsung was recently granted a patent that showed a Galaxy phone with side bent glass and touch controls, bringing back memories of its Edge handsets. We'll have to wait and see which feature, if either, it uses in the Note 20.

The Note series had long differentiated itself from the Galaxy S line through its larger display and S-Pen, but with the Galaxy S20 Ultra measuring 6.9 inches---bigger than the 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus---the Note 20 needs something other than its size to stand out.

Regular leaker Ice Universe said that the Note 20 will also feature a more advanced version of the S20's 120Hz refresh rate.

The patent also mentions a grip sensor, hologram device, and projector. RED's Hydrogen One phone featured a holographic display, which was blurry and contributed to the handset's bad reviews. A projector sounds like a more likely inclusion, especially as the Note tends to be aimed at professionals.

Image credit: Karlis Dambrans via Shutterstock