My two cents: If you are old enough, you might remember an educational video game from your childhood called "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" Depending on your geography skills, it could be either fun or frustrating, but even when it was frustrating it was somewhat fun. Yeah? This isn't it.

Netflix dropped a trailer for its latest interactive adventure Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not To Steal. It first announced the show in a tweet on February 10.

The special is a "choose your own adventure," although it cannot call it that as we saw with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Like its previous interactive movie, viewers will help shape the story by making choices at key points in the show. Of course, the animated special is geared toward a younger audience than its Black Mirror special.

If you remember playing the 1985 video game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego, and are hoping for a bit of nostalgia, you can forget it. It's based on the Netflix Carmen Sandiego animated series, not the game. So the show will not test your geography skills. It only has you helping Carmen make decisions like whether to find a lab or catch a plane.

Netflix's reimagining of Carmen Sandiego has turned her from a villain into a hero. Instead of fleeing from the police (and you) like she did in the game, she is pitted against her former criminal organization V.I.L.E. (Villains International League of Evil). Her mission is to find and rescue two kids named Zack and Ivy.

It this one is not for you, give it some time. The streaming giant has more unannounced interactive stories in store. The show debuts on Netflix on March 10.