The big picture: Cord-cutting made huge strides over the last decade but the story didn’t exactly play out as many anticipated. Rather than a la carte options or even skinny bundles that serve as cheaper alternatives to cable / satellite, most over-the-top streaming services simply enable the viewing of content on different platforms (like mobile) at comparable prices to traditional delivery methods. There are some exceptions, like Sling TV, but examples are too few and far between.

Sony’s decision to shut down its PlayStation Vue Internet TV service has paved the way for a rival to fill its boots.

Hulu recently announced that its Hulu + Live TV service is now available on the PlayStation 4. The over-the-top streaming service offers access to both live and on-demand programming from major networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and ESPN, among others.

PS4 users that already have a basic Hulu account can switch to Hulu + Live TV through their account settings while existing live TV subscribers can now access and watch live TV through the Hulu app on the console.

Sony late last year announced that in early 2020, it would be pulling the plug on its PlayStation Vue streaming service. SIE Deputy President John Kodera said the pay TV industry was slower to change than initially anticipated, forcing the company to instead focus on its core gaming business.

Translation – rising licensing costs ultimately forced Sony out of the game. As the end of January, the company made good on its promise and discontinued the service.

Masthead credit: Hulu by AhmadDanialZulhilmi.