What just happened? A few days ago, Nvidia revealed that it would be shifting its annual GPU Technology Conference to an online-only event due to coronavirus (COVID-19) fears. Details were still scarce, but the company did at least promise that CEO Jensen Huang's yearly keynote would take place via a live stream. Now, it seems Nvidia has changed tack again. According to a new announcement, Huang will not be giving a keynote this year after all.

This news will certainly disappoint those who were looking forward to seeing Huang speak on stage, but for most others, there's no need to worry. While Huang will not be giving a keynote, all the announcements that would have been shared within his speech will instead be published as news posts on Nvidia's official website.

These announcements will go live on Tuesday, March 24, and they will be followed up by an investor call with Huang, which will be accessible to "other listeners." Presumably, "other listeners" refers to the press, but it's also possible that Nvidia is discussing some way to open the call up to the public as well.

Nvidia says "continuing public health uncertainties" related to COVID-19 are the primary reason for the shut-down of Huang's keynote. However, other parts of "GTC Digital," such as live webinars, research posters, and recorded talks, will still be available on March 25.

GTC is the latest in a long series of tech conferences that have seen substantial format changes or even outright cancellations due to COVID-19. We hope, for the sake of the public, that these steps will prove effective when it comes to slowing down the spread of this virus.