In brief: Slap the Call of Duty moniker on any shooter, even in the saturated Battle Royale genre, and it's expected to snap up a sizeable chunk of players. That's exactly the case with the latest free-to-play Warzone, which saw over 6 million players joining within 24 hours of the game's release.

Contrary to the hype and marketing push behind its yearly releases, Activision's Modern Warfare-based Warzone was a relatively hushed affair that's bound to keep CoD fans busy until (and even after) Treyarch's take on the franchise arrives later this year.

Despite being what is essentially another Battle Royale game, CoD: Warzone lowers the bar of entry by going free-to-play like its main rivals, Apex Legends and Fortnite, while its military, boots on the ground gameplay likely appeals to longtime fans and players looking for a change from Respawn and Epic's comical shooters.

As we came to know earlier this week, the game also features a new 'Plunder' mode for added variety and has interesting twists like 1v1 fights in the Gulag for a free chance of returning to the battlefield. These gameplay mechanics, along with numerous other factors, have resulted in more than 6 million players ending up in Warzone within 24 hours of its release.

This playerbase is likely going to swell over time as more people download the hefty 101GB game, while those looking to acquaint themselves through a quick overview can have a look at jackfrags' impressions on YouTube.