In a nutshell: If you're stuck in lockdown and want a break from streaming movies and playing games, you could always go on a theme park ride. Sadly, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and every other Disney park and resort worldwide are currently closed because of the coronavirus, but there's always the virtual option.

While the 360-degree videos on YouTube can't match the real thing, they do offer advantages: no crowds, no queues, no exorbitant prices, and no sweltering heat. These unofficial channels have loads of rides, all in 360 degrees and many in 4K, and you can add an extra level of immersion by using a virtual reality headset.

Splash Mountain, one of the Magic Kingdom's most famous attractions, can be experienced without getting wet.

Want to ride Big Thunder Mountain without waiting for hours first? Here you go.

For a full ride experience, including a brief queue, check out The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Too scared to ride the Incredicoaster? Here's a virtual version.

Universal Studios Hollywood is another park closed due to the coronavirus. If you like Harry Potter, check out the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey experience below. It's not 360-degrees but still shows what you can expect to find once the park reopens.

As for when we might be able to visit these parks again, Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts are closed until the end of March, but it looks highly likely that the April 1 reopening date will be pushed back. Universal Studios, meanwhile, has delayed its April 1 reopening to April 19.