WTF?! If like me, you’re on the wrong side of 40, you’ll probably have fond memories of the 3Dfx Voodoo 3D graphics card, which was the must-have PC component back in 1996. In the unlikely event you’ve ever longed for a Lego version of this famous product, now’s your chance to make it happen.

The design has been submitted to the Lego Ideas website, in which fans share creations for new Lego products. If enough people vote for an idea, the company will consider turning it into a real Lego set.

The Voodoo card comes from Bhaal_Spawn, who describes herself as "the weirdo who brought you the LEGO Sound Blaster..." She’s also made a Lego Gravis Ultrasound, and plans on making more, given that most people are now in lockdown. "I have a feeling I might do some more pieces," she told PC Gamer, "what with all the home time I have on my hands suddenly!"

The Voodoo 3D graphics card, which came with 4MB of memory and a 50MHz clock speed, and its Voodoo2 successor, were two of the most sought-after cards from the mid-to-late nineties. The company behind them, 3Dfx Interactive, was acquired by Nvidia at the end of 2000.

If you would like a Lego version of this classic card sitting in your display cabinet, go here to vote for it. With 622 supporters at the time of writing, there’s a long way to go before reaching the required 10,000 mark for it to be considered, but there are still 417 days left to go.