In a nutshell: Toilet paper and hand sanitizer aren't the only commodities in short supply as of late. Nintendo's handheld Switch is also proving difficult to find in stock as more people are turning to gaming as a source of entertainment during shelter in place orders (and to play the new Animal Crossing).

A quick survey of some of the top retailers around including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop and Amazon shows zero local and online availability for new, non-bundle versions of the Nintendo Switch. On eBay, the most recent completed listings for new Switches have gone for a minimum of $399.

Nintendo in a statement last week acknowledged that Switch hardware was selling out at various retail locations in the US but promised that more systems are on the way.

New Switch bundles are available from third-parties on sites like Amazon and Walmart, so long as you're prepared to pay a significant markup. The cheapest example on Amazon right now, for example, is north of $460, well above the $299 MSRP.

You may have a better chance of finding the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite. This system, launched late last year, is showing up as in stock locally for me although your mileage may vary.

Masthead credit: Wachiwit