In brief: It seems like just about every major game release is being delayed this year due to either a lack of polish or coronavirus concerns. Cyberpunk 2077 was pushed back to September some time ago, and the Nintendo Switch version of The Outer Worlds was delayed indefinitely. Fortunately, it has a new release date now: June 5.

The hub-based sci-fi RPG from Obsidian was initially intended to launch on March 6, but the game was delayed indefinitely after port development studio Virtuous faced Covid-19 complications.

Now, it seems the studio has adapted to a different way of working. Perhaps it, like many other companies across the globe, has moved toward a work-from-home arrangement to preserve the health and safety of its employees. Either way, we're happy to see that the project is back on track.

The Outer Worlds' Switch version will arrive both digitally and physically (by way of a physical cartridge), though we don't necessarily advise any of our readers to go out and pick up a copy at Gamestop for now; not while large portions of the world are undergoing self-quarantine.

Of course, you could always grab a physical copy from a website like Amazon, but it might take a while to arrive. The retailer is temporarily prioritizing the shipment of household essentials over luxury goods like video games and electronics.

At any rate, it's nice to see that The Outer Worlds finally has a stable release date for Nintendo's ever-popular hybrid console. When it hits the market, you'll be able to take the game with you on the go, or simply plug it in at home and explore a vast, corporate-controlled galaxy from the comfort of your couch.