Highly anticipated: Final Fantasy VII Remake officially launches in less than two weeks, but some players already have their hands on the game. This fact becomes apparent with a quick search on YouTube where scores of videos that are not of the demo can be found.

Earlier this week, Square Enix had explained that it had to ship FFVII "much earlier" than usual to some regions due to complications around Covid-19. It specifically mentioned Australia and Europe would be getting the game earlier. The company indicated in its tweet that some players might get a copy of the game before it officially launches and asked them to be courteous not to "spoil it" for others.

So much for that idea. Videos are popping up all over YouTube, and players have been live streaming it on Twitch. In fact, as of this morning, at least 30 streamers were broadcasting the game. It may be even more as of this writing. So, watch out for spoilers, even if you have played the original. Square Enix has made it clear that the remake will have plenty of surprises for players.

It's worth mentioning that this only pertains to physical copies of the games. The company feared shipping delays to some regions and wanted to be sure the discs got to their destination before launch. Obviously, this is not an issue with digital distribution, so those with pre-orders through the PlayStation Store can expect to start downloading as normal on April 10.