Editor's take: Photography is one of the most fulfilling hobbies I've ever stumbled upon. Being able to capture a moment in time and tell a complete story with a single image is incredibly rewarding, even in this day and age where everyone now has a camera in their pocket.

With much of the world on lockdown due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and a lack of live sports to fill the gap, folks are suddenly finding themselves with an abundance of free time. To help make the most of it, Nikon is offering nearly a dozen online courses free for the month of April.

The videos range in length from about 15 minutes to just over an hour and cover a variety of topics for beginner and advanced photographers and videographers. Courses of interest include tips and tricks on photographing children and pets, using a speedlight, environmental portraiture, macro photography and making music videos, just to name a few.

Best yet, you don't need a fancy DSLR camera to participate. A basic smartphone with a photography app that allows for manual control of the camera's settings is really all you need to learn the basics. If you happen to have a standalone digital camera that affords more granular control, more power to you.

And if you're super serious about taking up photography as a hobby, know that there is plenty of used gear on third-party marketplaces like eBay that can be had for not a lot of money.

Masthead credit: welcomia