Why it matters: Google Fi, the wireless mobile service run by the search giant, is implementing a couple of policy changes to help customers during these uncertain times. For some, it could be the difference between staying connecting and getting cut off from the outside world.

Google in a recently updated support document said that as of April 1, customers on its Flexible and Unlimited plans will now have up to 30GB of full-speed data at their disposal before throttling measures kick in.

Normally, the Flexible plan affords 15GB of high-speed data before being slowed down to 256 kbps (or you buy more high-speed data at $10 per GB). The Unlimited plan, meanwhile, pushes the cap a bit higher to 22 GB.

Google said it is also temporarily extending the payment grace period so customers who are experiencing financial hardships can stay connected. The new grace period lasts 60 days from a customer's missed billing date.

Seeing as nobody really knows when this whole mess will be behind us, Google didn't impose an end date for either policy change. It'd be nice if Google and others like Comcast stuck with the elevated caps after the pandemic passes - or eliminated them entirely - but I wouldn't count on that happening.

Google isn't the only provider taking steps to help customers during the outbreak. AT&T and Cricket last month announced more affordable plans that start at $15 per month, matching a similar offer rolled out by T-Mobile earlier in the week.

Masthead credit: dennizn, metamorworks