Rumor mill: Samsung and Apple don't just compete in the smartphone market; they also make rival wireless earbuds. Now, what could be the next generation of the Korean firm's Galaxy Buds have appeared online, and they're quite different from what's come before.

Back in November, Consumer Reports said Samsung's Galaxy Buds beat Apple's latest AirPods Pro in sound quality tests. Earlier this year, the Korean firm released the $150 Galaxy Buds+, which, while only an iterative update, offer better sound, longer battery life, better built-in microphones, and upgraded Ambient Sound noise cancelation. What they do lack, however, is active noise cancelation and water resistance.

According to a new report from WinFuture, Samsung's next earbuds will undergo a major design change. Using leaked information, the site has created some 3D renders of the buds, which go by the codename "beans" as they resemble kidney beans.

Measuring around 2.8 cm in length, the buds lack their predecessors' stems and silicon tips that help them stay in ears. We can see a speaker hole and sensor on the inside, along with magnetic connectors that might be used for charging or measuring a user's heart rate. A microphone and vents are placed on the outer section.

Without any silicone components to create a full seal, the earbuds might not have a noise-canceling option. And while the shape could work well for smaller ears, they're unlikely to be a good fit for everyone.

Samsung is reportedly just in the testing phase of development, so the buds, which have the model number SM-R180, could undergo a major redesign before the final product arrives.