WTF?! If you're one of those people who find the Dark Souls games difficult enough as they are, seeing people beat them without taking any hits, wearing no armor, or even using bongos is frustrating. Now, a modder has shown how another weird peripheral can be used to play the game: a Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure controller.

Super Louis 64 modded the Ring Fit Adventure so that players can only move within the game when they are running on the spot, which lets them use the left joystick. Attacking involves squeezing the ring, and if they want to heal by drinking an Estus flask, they will have to perform a squat.

Dark Souls 3 does involve a lot of moving and attacking, so playing with the modded controller looks like a tiring workout---as you can tell by Super Louis 64's sweat-soaked shirt. Writing on Twitter, the modder said he plans to make the D-pad on the leg strap's joycon allow users to control the intensity they want to run.

Super Louis 64 has already played Modern Warfare with a pair of Donkey Kong Bongos, beat Halo 3 on Legendary using a Guitar Hero controller, and played Overwatch with a Nintendo Power Glove. He plans to use the Ring Fit Adventure controller to beat Dark Souls and play Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you're a fan of Dark Souls and would like to get some exercise while under lockdown, you can message Super Louis 64 via Twitter to request the mod.