Something to look forward to: SteamWorks has another online game festival scheduled for this summer. It just announced the dates today but had no information on developers that have agreed to participate or games that would be shown. The last event had almost 60 demos on exhibit, and this one should be as big or bigger.

On Monday, Geoff Keighley announced via Twitter that the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is slated for June 9 through 14. If you missed the Spring Edition last month, the upcoming event would be an excellent chance to check out free demos and view new content from games that are in the works.

SteamWorks has a registration portal set up for developers interested in showing their games or presenting playable demos. The festival's documentation page lists submission deadlines and other information for game makers wanting to participate.

Keighley also indicated that more news for the summer is forthcoming, including a new way to hold online gatherings.

"Much more news will be coming soon about my plans for the Summer – an entirely new way for us all to gather and celebrate gaming in these uncertain times," Keighley tweeted.

Developers are only starting the process of registration for the event, so little is known about what demos and content will be shown. However, it's sure to be a similar exhibition as the springtime affair, which had 59 offerings exclusively from indie developers.

Despite not having any triple-A content on hand, there were still plenty of demos to view and play during the spring run, including very cool entries, Spiritfarer, Vigil: The Longest Night, and Carrion. The summer festival should be a similar, and perhaps even larger, event with plenty of intriguing titles to give a try.