In context: Apple has been known to make expensive products, but typically, the cost can be justified due to the excellent software and (usually) high-quality materials packed into the devices the company ships. However, even Apple faithfuls were shocked when the company unveiled its $1,000 Pro Display XDR monitor stand.

If you thought that somewhat outlandishly-priced stand was a one-off thing for Apple, think again. Apple has begun to sell a $700 "Wheels Kit" for its powerful Mac Pro device, in addition to a cheaper $300 "Feet Kit." As you might expect, the kits are designed to fit underneath your Mac Pro, with one offering greater mobility while the other grants stability

You could already configure your Mac Pro with either of these options, but now, they're being sold separately if you need a bit more versatility.

The wheels and the feet are all stainless steel, and both kits ship with four of their respective attachments – four wheels, four feet. They don't appear to be particularly complex to install, but Apple does say you'll need "additional tools" to attach them, so make sure you have a screwdriver handy.

Obviously, there will likely be some understandable debate surrounding the pricing for these two kits. Sure, they look fancy, with the same chrome finish that the Mac Pro itself has in some areas, but is that really worth the $300 or $700 price of admission?

That's for each individual customer to decide, but in our opinion, the value proposition is shaky at best. With that said, if you've already paid thousands of dollars for your own Mac Pro, perhaps a few hundred extra dollars won't mean much to you. If that's the case, you can find the product page for the Mac Pro Wheels Kit right here. The Mac Pro Feet Kit can be purchased here.