Bottom line: Walmart in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked the rollout of a new service that delivers orders to customers' doorsteps in less than two hours. It'll cost you $10 each time you use it but for many, it could be money well spent in order to save time.

The big box retailer has been testing its new Express Delivery service in 100 stores since mid-April, offering customers an expedited delivery option on more than 160,000 products across its food, consumables and general merchandise categories.

Walmart said it will lean on its team of more than 74,000 personal shoppers to power the service. Come early May, it'll be expanded to nearly 1,000 stores and in the coming weeks, the service will be on offer at nearly 2,000 locations.

Walmart said the offering will cost $10 on top of its existing delivery charge. Delivery Unlimited customers, for example, will simply pay a $10 fee per Express Delivery. Like its other pickup and delivery services, there aren't any markups on individual items so you'll pay the same price for goods as you would in store or online.

Tom Ward, senior vice president of customer product at Walmart, said they have an opportunity to serve customers no matter what life calls for. "Whether it be a last-minute ingredient, medicine when a fever hits, or the item you didn't know you needed when checking off your chore list, time matters," Ward added.

If interested, head over to Walmart's website and enter your ZIP code to see if Express Delivery is available in your area.

Masthead credit: Atstock Productions