The big picture: Tile on Thursday announced a partnership with Intel to help bring its tracking technology to original equipment manufacturers. Considering that nearly half of those questioned said the most common place they lose items is in their own home, well, it just seems like a natural fit at just the right time.

In short, it means future laptops and notebooks equipped with Intel hardware will be easier to track down if lost or stolen.

Tile CEO CJ Prober said that laptops and portable devices are more critical than ever as much of the world is currently working from home. "Our work with Intel means we'll be ready to help PC users avoid disruption and keep track of their devices once we're all on the move again," the executive added.

A press release on the matter said solutions will be available for OEMs to adopt later this year, allowing customers to locate their portable computers even if the device is in sleep mode.

Such integration isn't a first for Tile. At CES back in January, Tile announced a partnership with HP to bake its tracking technology into the PC maker's Elite Dragonfly G2.

And according to Tile, it's a feature that people actually want. Citing a recent global survey, Tile said 72 percent of respondents said the ability to locate a lost or misplaced laptop would be "very" or "extremely valuable."