In context: The Covid-19 pandemic has had a nasty effect on the world's economy so far, with many non-essential businesses temporarily closing up shop to keep their employees (as well as the public) safe. However, for obvious reasons, those companies are eagerly waiting for the day that they can reopen their physical locations.

For tech giant Apple, that day will be coming relatively soon. After about two months of locking down its brick-and-mortar stores (they closed in March), the company is planning to reopen a handful in select states next week. The states include Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska, according to CNBC.

Based on available Covid-19 infection data, these states, for the most part, do not appear to be hotspots for the virus, which could explain why Apple has chosen them. Nonetheless, the company isn't taking any unnecessary risks: when the stores open, several safety measures will be implemented.

To name a few, occupancy limits will be enforced (a wise move, given how busy Apple Stores can get), and each location will perform temperature checks on both staff and customers. Further, the stores will practice social distancing, and workers will be given "face coverings" to use during their shifts.

Apple says these reopenings are primarily intended to give visitors a place to get their devices fixed; sales are not necessarily the priority. Indeed, the company advises customers who wish to purchase a product to opt for online ordering instead, which offers both contactless delivery and in-store pick-up options.

We're not sure how many stores Apple will be opening up initially, but as CNBC notes, there are only six Apple Store locations in the states mentioned above. Regardless, we'll update this article if Apple confirms an exact number.