Rumor mill: We know both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are supposed to be arriving Holiday 2020, but can we narrow it down more? Traditionally, Sony has released first-iteration consoles in November, but it might be looking to beat Microsoft out of the gate again with a mid-fall release.

Sony may be looking at an early holiday release if a Japanese job listing is to be believed. According to a tweet by a rabid PlayStation fan who goes by the handle Nibel, Sony is looking for someone to manage duties related to PlayStation 5 distribution.

While the English translation is somewhat choppy, the job description clearly states that the QCD (quality, cost, delivery) position will work with the design and quality assurance departments to produce the "PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020."

Sony told Japanese gaming news outlet Famitsu that the releaese date listed in the job description was an error on the recruitment site's part. Of course, that leaves one to question the specificity of the "mistake." It's not something one would write on accident --- a typo.

So what was the mistake? Should it have read "November" (Sony's more typical release month for new consoles) or "December?" Sony isn't saying, but it sounds more like the company is taking the approach of, "Move along people. There's nothing to see here," which is to be expected. Sony has since removed the listing. However, it is unclear if this was because of the leak or because it filled the position.

The console maker has not officially announced a launch date, and it is still a bit early for that, so take this news as a rumor for now. Even if Sony is shooting for an "October Surprise," we are still dealing with extenuating factors related to the coronavirus outbreak that could delay the launch no matter what date the company may have in mind.

Image credit: charnsitr