Considered one of the best programming languages to learn and possess in your toolkit, Python is efficient and powerful, uses simple syntax, and adheres to coding principles. That's why top companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Netflix and Google rely on it to build complex functionality without complex code.

The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle will guide you to mastery of Python in an enjoyable and engaging fashion. Take advantage of this limited-time deal for just $34.99, that's 98% off this massive 85-hour course pack that will teach you how to build programs, analyze data, and more. Here's some of the highlights included in this bootcamp bundle:

  • Python 3 Master Class for beginners aimed at anyone with little or no experience in coding but who wants to learn Python from scratch
  • Learn Python by making your own game similar to Crossy Road or Frogger
  • Build 10 real world applications: Explore the power of Python by actually building apps:
    • Build a name generator, a website URL timed blocker, a GUI-based desktop application, a webcam motion detector, a web scraper, an interactive browser-based financial chart, a data collector web application, a geocoding web service.
  • Image processing with Python: You'll build a photo filter editor which allows you to create filters such as those used in Instagram and Snapchat
  • Data mining with Python course using real-life data science exercises
  • And many more...

Python also has a huge community around the world, making it even friendlier to learn and share code.

With this Python Bootcamp Bundle, you'll have lifetime access to top-notch instruction for just $34.99. That's 98% off the original bundle price.

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