In a nutshell: Are you a Nintendo Switch owner who still can't find a copy of Ring Fit Adventure? You're not alone. The pandemic has seen the game become incredibly difficult to get hold of, but there's now a free alternative that could satisfy your home workout needs: Jump Rope Challenge.

The game is pretty simple---it was created by a small group of Nintendo developers who were working from home in Japan. Gameplay involves holding both Joy-Cons and moving your arms while jumping, just like you were using a real jump rope.

Your actions will be mirrored by the game's hand-drawn rabbits, with the number of completed jumps shown on screen. You can even play alongside a second person. The aim is to hit 100 jumps per day, and your daily number of jumps is saved so you can try to beat previous records.

If you're unable or unwilling to jump up and down, whether that's due to age, mobility problems, or not wanting to annoy the neighbors, you can always play by bending your knees or even just moving your arms.

The devs say Jump Rope Challenge was created to "add quick and fun physical movement into their daily life." While lockdowns are easing around the world, many locations still have restrictions in place, including gyms being closed. It may not offer the range of activities as Ring Fit Adventure, but Jump Rope Challenge could be a fun way to keep fit without opening your wallet.

The game does require Joy-Cons, so Switch Lite owners are out of luck. Jump Rope Challenge is free on the eShop until the end of September