WTF?! What would you endure to get a PlayStation 4 for just $107? Being almost crushed? Pepper sprayed by police? That's what happened to those who turned up at a store outside of Paris, which was offering the console at around a third of its usual price.

As part of its opening celebrations, the Lidl store in Orgeval, around 28 miles northeast of Paris, put the 500GB variants of the PS4 on sale for 95 Euros (around $107)---several hundred dollars less than its usual price.

RT reports that a member of staff revealed the deal early on social media, where it went viral. The temptation of grabbing a PS4 for a bargain price brought huge crowds, who certainly weren't following social distancing rules---France's Covid-19 guidelines state that no more than 10 people may gather in any one place at present.

Police were brought in, and as you can see in the video from Commerce writer Olivier Dauvers, it appears they used pepper spray on the crowds. Dauvers said the liquid "stings the eyes and nose." In another Twitter video (below) from user @rayanhmbrk1, some of the crowd, including police officers, are seen moving away while holding their faces.

Lidl France said the discount was part of an ongoing destocking operation, and similar offers at other stores hadn't led to near riots/police intervention/pepper spraying. The company tweeted: "Today, we believe that the security conditions are not met to keep the supermarket open. The sale of the PS4 is also permanently cancelled."

With the PlayStation 5 arriving in a few months, sales of current-gen consoles have fallen in recent times, leading to some retailers selling them off at huge discounts. Lidl is famed for offering certain goods at low prices, but don't expect to see any more cheap PS4s from the company.

Main image credit: Olivier Dauvers