Rumor mill: Apple is set to reveal plenty of new features and improvements for its mobile operating system at WWDC 2020 next week. A new leak claims that the company could also be rebranding the software by renaming iOS to what it was originally called a decade ago: iPhone OS. The move is said to bring the naming scheme in-line with iPadOS as Apple looks to increasingly differentiate both platforms.

Apple's online-only WWDC is just around the corner, which means we'll get to know more about new features, changes, and improvements headed to Cupertino's mobile OS. Previous reports have pointed towards loosening restrictions for third-party apps, an improved app experience with the Android Slices-like Clips feature, and better customization options.

It seems the company will also be making a much more basic, but fundamental decision of renaming 'iOS' to 'iPhone OS.' The news comes from Jon Prosser, a notable Apple leaker, who recently tweeted about the rebranding.

If true, this move would be a follow-up to Apple introducing its iPadOS fork at WWDC last year. Since then, the company has been adding new iPad-specific features to its software like USB file transfers, improved multitasking, support for Apple Pencil, Sidecar, and a desktop version of Safari, among other items.

It would also be Apple's second rebranding of the mobile OS, reverting to its original name, after Steve Jobs made the change from 'iPhone OS' to 'iOS' during the iPhone 4's reveal in 2010. With the company adopting a more device-specific naming scheme, it remains to be seen if we also get an iPod OS fork for the iPod Touch.